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At Adoranto, we offer an ethical e-commerce supply chain for celebrities and influencers. We provide fully custom end-to-end services, from website development to marketing materials, from contracting artists and designers to manufacturing and distribution. Our promise is this: we’ll never compromise on quality, sustainability, or fair-trade sourcing.​


our process

So, you want to create a new product! Whether you're new to the merch space or an old pro, we're here to help at every step of the process. Right away, we'll connect you with a product manager who will assist you with design, development, and marketing. We'll also get started on a free-standing personal site with e-commerce functionality to host and sell your product line. You'll also have access to our in-house artists and custom product development and marketing guides. Once you've settled on a product, we'll handle the rest: from manufacturing to shipping to customer service, it's merch made easy.

If you're looking for a new type of product, don't worry! We promise to find and vet manufacturers to make sure your product is high quality, fairly priced, and ethically produced.

On a Video Call



Before we get started, we'll set up a conversation to discuss your ideas and goals for your website, brand, and product line 

Meeting Between Colleagues

website development

We'll develop and host your personal website, with specific e-commerce functionality to sell your items.



We'll work with you to brainstorm, design, and sample your product to make sure you're 100% satisfied.

Costume Design

manufacturing & handling

We'll handle the sourcing, warehousing, shipping, and customer service. Your product is ready to launch!

Warehouse Workers

our ethical guarantee

We acknowledge the disastrous environmental and social impacts of fast fashion and unethical supply chains, and we pledge to do our part to counteract this phenomenon. We hope to act as an industry leader, showing how great quality and great prices can coexist with the highest standards of sustainability and manufacturing ethics. 

Clothing manufacturers are some of the most problematic supply chains in the world. In 2019, Forbes listed forced and trafficked labor in clothing and the exploitation of workers as one of the leading problems facing the industry, and the problem has only gotten worse in recent years. Additionally, fashion and apparel account for 10% of global carbon emissions annually and 20% of global water waste. We refuse to accept these realities as inevitabilities: at Adoranto, we ensure that our manufacturers share our dedication to ethical production and meet the social, economic, and environmental criteria of the Fair Trade Standards.

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